Our Art, your love!

Our signature blends the storytelling with an editorial aesthetic photography, capturing the genuine emotions, details, and candid moments of your wedding.
We love modern, elegant and timeless photography and it’s why black and white photos will always be part of our work.

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We are Ana Rita and Nuno, lovers and wedding photographers based in Portugal, that are willing to travel the world to tell your story. Coming from different backgrounds, we combine the focus and the unfocused, creating beautiful and timeless images that will keep your memories alive.

Beyond digital photography, our hearts belong to the magical realm of analog film, creating timeless images as unique as your love story.

We offer both photography and videography services, ensuring every moment is beautifully preserved for generations to come. 

Together, we complement one another perfectly to create incredible and personalised memories. 

If you are looking for passionate photographers that believe photographs and films are the best memories you can have, you've come to the right place. Just send us an e-mail or fill the contact form.

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to keep photography alive we also do video...

Emily + Oli in Penha Longa

We want to capture the beauty and the authenticity of your wedding.

Inês + João in Solar de Pancas

...modern, beautiful, meaningful, creative and timeless photographs...words that describe our work.

FILM PHOTOGRAPHY is part of Nuno's life since ever. The unique, exquisite and elegance of film photography is something that we love and we would like to share this passion with you on your wedding day. 

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